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Move your Feet to Freedom!..

"7 days and her daughter would turn 18, Ms. Santana knew that if the FBI could not locate her daughter before she reached this birthday milestone, she may be lost forever in the grips of the traffickers.............

HER FREEDOM RUN...50 Miles to Freedom August 7-October 1, 2021

The steps to recovery look and feel impossible.

Experiencing freedom after being trafficked is not a sprint. For most women, recovering their lives is an arduous marathon. Financial challenges, legal issues, addictions, family difficulties...the struggle looms before them, and they often face it all alone.

Freedom House, a safe place to land, is crucial.

Once fully funded, Freedom House will be a safe house for survivors to live while they rebuild their lives. Having such a secure place can be the difference between a woman reentering life whole and healthy or getting caught in destructive conditions again


Join the Movement. Commit to walking/running, 50 miles in 50 days. Build a team or participate on your own. We are asking the community to support the efforts of this collective run by pledging $5 per mile for the participant that they are supporting. Our goal is to raise $150,000 through pledging efforts to launch the Freedom Safe House


Ryan is a champion on the forefront of this Fundraiser! Ryan is an ultra marathon runner who will run 50 miles in ONE DAY on October 9th as the grand finale of this movement. Ryan shares a passion with the Founder of DIVAS Who Win to protect children from the insidious web of human trafficking and support women who have been ensnared. Pledge today and join Ryan in the fight!


  • Form a team or run/walk solo
  • Walk/Run or Skate 50 miles before October 9, 2021
  • Create a pledge page(in less than 5 minutes)
    • Click Blue Button "Start a Fundraiser"
    • Click Create Account
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    • Upload profile pic
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    • Template is pre formatted, Just set your goal and personalize the text if you would like
    • Ready to Launch
  • Use your social networks to share the message and invite pledges or participants
  • If you don't want to "move your feet", consider donating to an existing team
  • Use these hashtags(#herfreedomrun #divaswhowin)
  • Tag/Share/Post to IG @divaswhowin FB @divaswhowin tiktok @divaswhowin

"Frantic, terrified but driven by the instinct of a "Mama Bear", Ms. Santana embarked on this journey of rescue. By some sheer miracle and the help of her community, Ms. Santana's daughter was rescued by the FBI just days later, from a family of traffickers. Ms. Santana states that the journey toward healing and recovery has not been an easy one for her daughter and her inspiration for creating DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center is anchored in the hope that girls and women would never face such dire circumstances again....alone."

~Founder of DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center (Ms. Santana)~

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